Over time we have received so many testimonials from readers and advertisers alike.  Really too many to list them all here, but below are just a few.   Follow the lead of these business owners who realize the full benefits of advertising in your local Coffee News®!

“In my experience Coffee News® has brought me new quality customers – the kind I am looking for. I have a higher retention rate from my Coffee News® customers than from many other forms of advertising I have done. It is also very versatile, allowing me to change my ads with minimal effort to highlight different aspects of my business.  Coffee News® has been great way to get my name out there quickly and inexpensively.”

Billy Helmick, CMC Auto Care


“Coffee News® has been a fantastic tool for branding our business in the community.  It really kept our name out in front of potential clients and candidates and makes us one of the first on their list to call when they are looking for something or someone.  With so many competitors in the market, it is nice to have an effective tool where you know you are the only business of its kind—not right next to your competition!”

V. Casey, Personnel Professionals personnelprofessionals.net


“Prior to advertising with Coffee News®, I was impressed with the layout and design of this publication. I was even more impressed once I contacted Coffee News® to place my ad. They are all absolutely the best in this field and wonderful people whom I  consider friends. And then I was astonished at the results. The very same day that my ad was first published, I started receiving calls from potential clients and customers.

How great is that?”

Tim Wilson
Houston 212 Business Center and Independent Retailer, Lightyear Alliance